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Do you feel safe? The root of rising violence in the US and how not to become a victim.

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Do you feel safe?

Gun violence and violent crimes have become a very sensitive topic for the American society.

Do you feel safe?

Gun violence and violent crimes have become a very sensitive topic for the American society.

Lawmakers are in a decades long stalemate regarding gun laws and policies, people’s anti gun and pro gun opinions are becoming more polarized by the day. With over 700 mass shootings in the US in 2022 alone it’s becoming clear that we can’t rely on the government or the police to protect us.


But what can be done? And can anything be done at all?

The writer, psychologist and sociologist Franz Wertvollen recorded a brilliant video on this topic.

It takes a good part of uncertainty and stress away, as it ties gun violence together with larger scale social problems — xenophobia, rising mental health issues, overall discontent of people with their everyday lives and future perspectives. The absence of emotional education at schools or workplaces, which is by far more important in this issue than academic education or even gun safety training.

And that’s a refreshing approach. A bigger, more wholesome picture on the issues that have been lingering in the air and causing conflicts. Get ready to get your views expanded on this video.

  • What is the origin of violence in society? Has it always been like this between humans or did it get worse?
  • 2 psychological mechanisms that make people feel confused, hostile, and unable to find common ground.
  • A journey to the mind of people who become criminals, and those who the criminals target. How not to fall in the victim mindset.
  • How to remain calm and protect yourself when you’re already in a critical situation? 3 live examples
  • What can be changed in society right now, and how Franz Wertvollen does it through his projects.


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